Two languages –
one heart


to our bilingual elementary school in Kandern-Wollbach. Like the Free Evangelical School (FES) in Lörrach and the cooperation school Black Forest Academy (BFA), the Christian school in Kandern is a confessional school. The sponsor of the elementary school is the non-profit association of the FES.

At our school, children from the FES learn together with mostly English-speaking children from all over the world in one class. The students learn here in an explicitly bilingual and multicultural environment.

We want to open as many doors as possible to children's understanding of the world, to paint the diversity and beauty of things before their eyes, and to awaken in them the joy of discovery, learning, and creation.

We are an all-day school with an afternoon program.

We look forward to showing you our school.

Ina Radke,

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School year motto 2023 / 2024

Our values – what's important to us


The manageable size of the school allows the students to learn, work, and problem-solve together. Parents and teachers also work together to support the education and upbringing of students. Parents are involved in various aspects of school life. Updates are regularly communicated with parents. Regular meetings with parents provide growth to the partnership. Parents play an active role shaping the school and are involved in their child’s school life.

With God

Students of CSK learn about the Christian faith and experience it through devotions, chapels, and school festivals. Protestant religious instruction is obligatory. Students are invited to examine the Christian faith and develop their own attitudes. No matter what their ideological background is, students should feel accepted and valued.

With Respect

A respectful atmosphere provides a safe, healthy framework for learning together. At CSK, the development of social skills and character building is central. The children learn to respect themselves and others. Part of this is also a respectful handling of their own and others‘ objects.

With Quality

CSK‘s main focus is to provide high quality teaching. Thanks to bilingualism, most children leave school at the end of fourth grade with excellent English skills. We focus on the most up-to-date teaching of fundamental knowledge in all school subjects, which is taught in both German and English.

Our Guiding Principles

Our vision: School according to God's plan. You can read exactly what moves us in our detailed information brochure "Our guiding principles".

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